Tuesday, September 1, 2015

It''s that time of year again

It hasn't been 120, that I know of, but our neighbor said it was 117 at his place last week. It been over 110 for some time and the humidity has made the heat deadly. It's the unrelenting nature of the heat that gets to me. It's between six and eight weeks around July through September. August is the worst.

We have air conditioning in one large room but I still feel imprisoned. The curtains are drawn because even with double pane E3 windows, the sun beats through. I tire of the ceaseless hum of the AC and the fans, my dry eyes and mouth, the dehydration headaches, drinking liter after liter of water.

Monday was nice in the morning. It wasn't cool, but it wasn't hot yet either and there was a breeze. It made me sense that fall was right around the corner and I immediately started inventorying the tasks I'd work on when the weather broke.

This is the tail end of yesterday's sunrise. It was all florid oranges and reds a few minutes before but I preferred this in its silvery blues.

So, anyway, my posting may be a little spotty for awhile until the heat subsides. I do the best I can but sometimes it's just too hot to do much.