Monday, March 2, 2015

Mojave Desert Art

We stopped by The Glass Outhouse Gallery yesterday to see Laurel Seidl and Frank Mezget. We heard a new show was being installed and hoped to get a preview.

Frank had new paintings hanging and Ken wanted another. You may remember that we recently bought a painting Frank had done of our cabin on the Copper Mountain Mesa. On his way to photograph the cabin Frank passed a tank house on Sunfair. We bought it.

I love how Frank breaks the border of his paintings. Again, please forgive my horrible photography.

We'd also had our eye on a little painting by Eric Saks and picked that one up as well. As I was writing out the check Eric happened in so I was able to hand it to him directly and say hey.

Lest you think we are seasoned art collectors with deep pockets, let me assure you that the prices in this gallery are very reasonable. We purchased each of these painting for less than the price of a lunch for two in Los Angeles. I'll gladly live on peanut butter for a day or two to own paintings by these talented and charming artists.