Monday, February 2, 2015

Wonder Valley Weekend

A couple of months ago I read Sand in My Shoe, a great Morongo Basin historical primer, by Helen Bagley. The Bagleys started the first store in the area, both living and working in the garage pictured below.

After visiting the Historic Plaza, at Adobe and Two Mile Roads,a month or so ago, I was quite certain that the original store still stood and planned to return to verify, We did so on Saturday, and I'm more certain than ever that this is the same building in the earlier photo. The only thing causing me to doubt is how shabbily it is being treated. Surely it deserves historical status and conservation.

The City Council recently voted against lifting the ban on medical marijuana dispensaries, which, if allowed might easily fund such a project, and probably more, as well as alleviating needless suffering, 

Built in 1927, Bagley's original store, is left to the elements.
These are the doors to the building next door to the second store the Bagleys built. I believe this may have been Grahams Cafe. The new store still operates today.

After visiting the Historic Plaza we joined friends for dinner, at their house on Stoner Road. Of course, there is no road sign. As quick as one is installed it is stolen again. The right person could make a small roadside business out of this lemon.Hmm...

My dinner had to cool for a minute as I ran out to snap the sunset. This photo looks northeast to the Bullion Mountains, those grand purple sentinels of our valley. It was a lovely dinner. Everyone brought something and there was talk of making Saturday night potlucks a regular event.

The next morning we all met again at the Palms, which we all refer to as "church." My new friend Miss Ida Lane played the piano. I had practiced the song Angel Band and sang with her. I'm no singer, so though I had practiced, the accompaniment threw me, but I did my best and look forward to trying again.

Next week I'll print word sheets so others can join in on the fun.