Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Dragon Ranch

When we went to church (The Palms Restaurant) on Sunday,  Frank Mezget, from the Glass Outhouse, greeted me with this incredible painting he did of our little cabin in Far North Joshua Tree.

Frank painted it on a slate tile. I love Frank's paintings and they never remain in the gallery long enough for me to buy one, so I commissioned him to paint this for us. He got lost the first time he drove out. I drew another map. I told him he just hadn't gone far enough and at the edge of the map I drew the Marine Training Center with a serpent and the phrase, "Thar be dragons."

Frank incorporated the dragon into the painting (I love how the claws and the shadow of the dragon break the frame) and christened our cabin "Dragon Ranch."

Now I can't stop thinking of this tire art I saw.

Thanks, Frank! i LOVE it!
Sunday breakfast: Miss Ida Lane is at the piano and I'm taking the picture.