Friday, January 30, 2015

Wonder Valley Book Trailer

My lovely neighbor Winter Rosebudd turned me onto this video trailer for the Wonder Valley book, by William Hillyard. I See Hawks in LA wrote and performed Wonder Valley Fight Song. I just KNEW there had to be a song for Wonder Valley.

I have mixed feelings about Hillyard's book and website. The more time I spend in Wonder Valley the less I want to say, or write, anything about the people who live here. I keep the confidences and secrets even if the tellers do not identify them as such. Though they survive the baking desert sun I fear they might wither under public scrutiny, the thirst for local color and the drive for progress and improvement.

The only stories I find myself able to tell are those that give people second thoughts about moving here, you know, the true ones about the heat and the cold and aridity, the lack of services, and the snakes and spiders. Coming from Los Angeles, a refugee of greed-based gentrification and the razing of family neighborhoods, I want Wonder Valley to be immune to development. I know - crazy dream, right? But there must be one place in this country that remains wild, and free from speculation. From what I've seen, it's too hot here for vultures, and, I'm hoping, vulture capitalists.


 Don't know how accurate this is anymore, but here are the lyrics:

I like rocks
And rock gardens
I like to watch materials harden

The desk clerk at the Motel 6
Just past the Marine Base
He said this here is a nice little region, but
Stay away from Wonder Valley

Wonder Valley
Wonder Valley
It’s the land where a man can take a stand
Wonder Valley

You don’t need a de-louser
Better bring a douser to
Wonder Valley
Groove the land
Take a stand in Wonder Valley

Watch the sunset change the shadows
Watch the food thieves swinging from the gallows
Wonder Valley

Well the desk clerk at the Motel 6
Said he was looking for a 1966 Ford Fairlane

I said come on down to L.A.
He said oh, no
They just want to trick you
Then they’ll roll you

Well I stayed up all night watching the sun come up
All I want to do is drink a beer and have a cup
Of coffee
One after the other

You can talk about my guns
Don’t talk about my mother

Wonder Valley
Wonder Valley
It’s the land where a man can take a stand
Wonder Valley

The desk clerk said stay away from Wonder Valley
They sell the methamphetamine behind the alley
They could go insane
They could kill little Sally

I walked through the town
Like Johnny Cash
Didn’t have no trouble
Burning through my stash
in Wonder Valley, Wonder Valley

The marines fly their planes
And the lizards go insane
In Wonder Valley

When the missiles start to fly
Grab the kids, don’t wonder why . . .
Better head for Wonder Valley