Friday, December 26, 2014

Thank you, Santa!

It was a great Yule. Santa brought me a pink BB gun. Isn't it gorgeous? My son and I practiced knocking beer cans off the fence at 20 feet and we were both surprisingly good. Elliott said his prowess comes from playing video games. I have no idea where mine comes from but I'm happy about it.

We were at the house in Wonder Valley long enough to have to do laundry. I walked a load out to the garage, about 100 feet from the house, put it in the washing machine and walked back. I added another trip checking to make sure everything was working right and nothing was leaking. At that point I looked at my bike and decided, "Why, not?" I road the bike back to the house, then down the driveway, around the corner to my neighbor's driveway, up that and back to our house. It was so fun. There were no cars on the road, nothing to watch out for except patches of deep sand.