Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Desert Rat Scrap Book

"When you've been here in the Desert a few years you find yourself talking to yourself... After a few more years you find yourself talking to the lizards... Then in another couple of years you find the lizards talking to you... When you find yourself stealing their amazing tales you are about ready to start a Desert paper."
Harry Oliver, 1948

No Burro -- No Gold
Sandy Walker, Desert Rat, says that in the desert a Ford lives 3 years -- a dog 3 time the age of the Ford -- 9, a horse 3 times the age of a dog -- 17, and a man 3 times the age of the horse -- 81, and some say a burro 3 times the age of a man -- 248, at least this is 4/5ths true.

Sandy Walker says you can't find gold with Fords -- have to have burros. Says he's been out here in the desert 26 years, six years hunting gold and 20 years hunting burros. He didn't find his mine while hunting gold. He found it while hunting the dad-burned runaway burros.

Many propectors will tell you that no one has ever seen a dead burro.
Printed first in "The Gold Miner," 19??