Monday, October 27, 2014

Burro Bill and Me

This is the sign Kip made for his roving book club. The club will meet next Monday (Nov 3, 2014) at the Copper Mountain Mesa Community Center. I can't make it but Ken got the book, Burro Bill and Me, out of the library and I'm half way through it. It's an amazing little book about this married couple who trek across the west with a string of burros just before and during the depression. So many great stories, lots of laughs, and very heart felt. If you have the chance and want a romping good read, check out Burro Bill and Me.

UPDATE: Wow! I just finished the book and I think we'll have to cancel our Monday so we can go to this book club meeting. This is the best autobiography I've read since Malcolm X.

"Nevada?" [Bill] murmured, "Why, it's just like all the West -- where no man fences his neighbors out, nor himself in. It's a land of deserts and bare hills, of skies and stars -- millions of stars -- and the moon is so bright you can see to pick up a pin. You can walk for days and never meet a soul."

I know I've mentioned this before, but what really resonates with me in the desert is the darkness. When you can look to the horizon and see no artificial lights whatsoever and the sky runs into the ground like water color, I feel safe and complete and completely at rest.