Saturday, September 20, 2014

Mushrooms, roses and butterflies

I'm trying to save money furnishing our house in Wonder Valley and so have been scouring thrift stores for those once ubiquitous buckets of tangled discarded flatware only to find that they no longer exist. It seems people are taking every stitch of flatware that comes into a thrift store and they're selling them on EBay piece by piece - often for about $6.00 a piece. How did this happen? What kind of world is this? I blame that horrid convicted felon Martha Stewart for making thrift stores respectable.

When I was growing up in Boise in the 70s no self-respecting middle class person ever entered a thrift store. My parents were scandalized that I bought clothes there and doing so made me a sort of transgressive outlier. I loved the stores. They were packed to the gills back then with amazing cast offs. For a few dollars I could pack my car, furnish my house and change my entire wardrobe.

So it pains me to see these lovely knives selling on Ebay for $6.00. Look at the design - mushrooms, roses and butterflies! What magical utensils.

I can buy acceptable new flatware online for $40, a fraction of what I'd spend now collecting these silly 70s patterns, but I probably won't. Nostaliga isn't what is used to be but it still has a strong pull for me.