Monday, September 29, 2014

More labyrinths in the desert

Awhile back I posted on various Labyrinths and medicine wheels that I found peppered through the deserts. That called to mind other desert labyrinths unnatural and natural, as seen below. I found these while scouring google earth to see what lay beyond the boundaries to the Air Ground Combat Center that I may not legally traverse by foot.

The first two are old targets with their proximate coordinates, though I think these may be scrambled some so you might have to search around in the vicinity to find them.

The next is an old tire pile on the base. A person or persons unknown took the time to arrange these into a giant ring approximately 400' across and add the editorial comment, "ugly." Why the Marines would drag thousands of tires out to this particular spot in the desert remains a mystery.

34.407706, -116.273074
Though not technically labyrinths these natural craters resonate with the concept of labyrinths and draw attention, especially as seen from above. You'll have to navigate down the screen from the coordinates - look for a black smudge and zoom in. If you look to the right, about 200 feet, you'll see another pile of tires. It looks like someone has started to partially mark out an even bigger circle.

34.461790, -115.970811
This one captivates me with the complex texture and subtle colors. Of all of these, this is the one I'd urge you to examine in detail. Just copy the numbers into google, select earth/satellite and zoom around. Again, you'll need to scout around a little to find the exact spot. I believe the white scars are from shelling. What we do to our beautiful planet..., don't get me started.

34.544707, -115.790223

This is the Amboy Crater which is accessible to the public. The second photo, above is a closeup of the interior. You can see that someone did create a simple labyrinth within, as well as a heart.

If you know of any other such examples of labyrinths or circles in the landscape, please share with us.