Sunday, September 7, 2014

Copper Mountain Mesa Community Center

If you're interested in Far North Joshua Tree, please visit the
Copper Mountain Mesa Community Center website at:

It's a wonderful community center with an active group of volunteers. We had our monthly "First Saturday" pancake breakfast yesterday and served 65 people. The Thrift Store was open and did a brisk business. I took home a lovely three-burner food warmer with a 70's design on it and a white hand-crocheted shawl that I hung over the headboard of my black utilitarian IKEA bed - all for $4.

The Center also has each month - bingo, a USDA Food Distribution and a potluck. On September 20 there will be another movie night. We set up a projector on the baseball diamond and project against a screen hanging on a 40' cargo container. The September 20 movie will be INFERNO. Come early and get a Nathan's hot dog and some scrumptious home baked treats.

I dropped my phone in the parking lot of the Palms last Sunday. Gravel + glass = no camera, so sorry for the lack of photos.