Thursday, September 25, 2014

9 simple reasons why it's amazing to live in Joshua Tree

North Joshua Tree at night
North Joshua Tree at night

1. The sky
2. The sky
3. The stars
4. The space
5. Fresh air
6. The people
7. More freedom
8. Less cost
9. No Joneses to keep up with

What are your reasons? Please add to this list in the comments.


  1. Individuality, to live at a destination, being self sufficient, quietness, time to ponder life, less distractions to be creative, the critters that inhabit our beautiful high desert, and the wonderful feeling of self-worth.... these are just a few additions to your list :)

  2. Someone else reminded me of the sunrises and sunsets, which force so many people (not you, Bob!) to turn in and wake up on the sun's schedule. And I also forgot my personal favorite - the clouds, from which I find it difficult to look away.


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