Sunday, March 2, 2014

Longing to be there

I've been away from the desert for two weeks now, blindsided by the flu. There's a storm there now and I know it must be very dramatic and I'm missing it. Being there has become such a part of my life that not being there for a length of time makes me walk differently, like there's a stone in my shoe. I become cranky.

So today I was looking for any little crumb on the Internet that might sustain me and I found this, which is perfect.

“Early Christian monks went out to live in the desert in order to find emptiness. Modern life is becoming so full that we need our own ways of going to the desert to be relieved of our plenty. Our heads are crammed with information, our lives busy with activities, our cities stuffed with automobiles, our imaginations bloated on pictures and images, our relationships heavy with advice, our jobs burdened with endless new skills, our homes cluttered with gadgets and conveniences. We honor productivity to such an extent that the unproductive person or day seems a failure. Monks are experts at doing nothing and tending the culture of that emptiness.” 
Thomas Moore, Meditations