Monday, March 17, 2014

Goodbye, Second Chance Homestead

I was sad to hear of the death of Timothy Andrew Hane, the author of Second Chance Homestead, over in my "Links" section. We never met, but we corresponded. We went to the same church (at different times) and were both active in LGBTQ organizing and knew each other through projects we both worked on.

Later, when we were looking for a place in Joshua Tree I was excited to hear he lived there and read his entire blog in one sitting.

This is my favorite post of his:

So much of it resonates with me, and with why we're building a home in Joshua Tree. He writes,
Going forward I want to plant a tree. Maybe one I should have planted a long time ago.
I want it to take root in the desert soil and in the same light of the Southern California sun that formed me. And I want to be an integral part of the life sustaining process — to recover my sanity by living, breathing and working the land.
I want to begin and nurture a sustainable life, challenging the way I live, act and think about myself and the world around me.
Here's his memorial page, if you want to check in with friends, or leave your thoughts.