Tuesday, March 4, 2014

From Theodore Payne native nursery

Going in next Saturday or Sunday:

2 Sapindus Drummondi (soap berry tree, front with yellow tag and one next to it), 2 Encelia Farinosa (brittle bush, to the left - the substantial looking plant), 2 Chilopsis Linearis (desert willow, the two dormant "trees" to the front right in the picture), 2 Fallugia Paradoxa (Apache plume, next to the brittle bush), 2 Prunus Andersonii (desert peach, to the right behind the willows), 2 Sunnibdusua Chinensis (jojoba trees, the olive-looking leaves in the center), and 1 Vitis Girdiana (desert grape).

I gave Ken a list to choose from and he bought the entire list - yay!