Monday, March 10, 2014

A perfect weekend

It was a wonderful weekend, which explains why I came home to write five new posts. We started off exhausted with two events Saturday prior to driving to north Joshua Tree to meet our contractors. They never arrived so we just sat and watched a spectacular sunset.
Grateful Desert Herb Shoppe & EcoMarket which was celebrating 2nd Saturday - when shops stay open late to exhibit local artists. Ken showed me a bar of soap - crafted by Doug McKern, of La Larria. He calls it larria, rather than creosote (an unfortunate name) and the label makes crazy claims that I have no doubt could become true if everyone washed with it.

Anti herpes, pro happiness, aphrodesiac, anti viral, girl magnetic, promotes domestic tranquility, antibacterial, boy magnet..., impotency, ineptitude, warts, extremism...
I was kind of bummed to see that someone was already making this soap and salves as this was my plan. I'll just have to build on the shoulders of these giants and create something a little different. I can do it.

After that we walked over to Crossroads Cafe (where I once took a selfie with Bryan Cranston) and we split a grass fed burger and each downed a delicious hanger. Their burger rivals that of the famed Pie 'n' Burger of Pasadena.

On Sunday morning we ate at the Country Kitchen, where I always get the mini breakfast, but will one day order a Cambodian salad or bowl of noodles.

These two restaurants are so perfect that we've narrowed our choices to just these, though next week we'll be making a trek to the "Secret Restaurant" in Wonder Valley.

As we left the Country Kitchen we stopped by a vacant lot full of wildflowers.

Eureka Dunes evening primrose,
Oenothera californica ssp. eurekensis
Desert DandelionMalacothrix glabrata A. Gray

Desert Sand Verbena, Abronia villosa  and Desert Marigold, Baileya multiradiata

It was a perfect weekend and I have the aches and pains, from working at the cabin, to prove it.

Oh, and here's an insanely beautiful picture of clouds on Sunday.